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What are the classifications of lithium battery protection boards?

Many people don’t know much about the lithium battery protection board, and they don’t know what classification structure the lithium battery protection board has. Some friends do not know how to choose the lithium battery protection board. Electronics takes everyone to understand how to distinguish the classification of the protection board.

The protection board can be divided into three types: ternary lithium, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium titanate.

Ternary lithium:
In the protection board industry, the protection board of ternary lithium battery is the most conventional attribute, and it is also the most common in the market, the demand is the largest, and it is also the most popular attribute of our company. So it is our main specification.

Lithium iron phosphate:
Lithium iron phosphate protection boards also occupy a higher proportion in the market. Although they are more popular than many ternary lithium, they are also a very common specification in the industry, and the market demand is definitely there. It is a must-made product for our company.

Lithium titanate:
Lithium titanate is a relatively unpopular specification in the market, and it is also the product with the lowest sales volume in our company. However, since the peers do very few of this specification, others do not, we have, and it naturally becomes our advantage.

While we understand the classification of protection boards, the classification of lithium batteries is actually directly linked to the classification of our protection boards. What kind of protection boards are suitable for the kind of lithium batteries, let us understand the classification of lithium batteries together. Basic knowledge.

Ternary polymer lithium battery refers to a lithium battery that uses lithium nickel cobalt manganese ternary cathode material as its cathode material.

Advantages: high capacity density.
Disadvantages: slightly poorer safety, cycle times, and short service life.
Representative models: Tesla, BMW i3.

Lithium iron phosphate battery means that its positive electrode material uses lithium iron phosphate and its negative electrode material uses graphite.
Advantages: safe, stable, high cycle times.
Disadvantages: low energy density.
Representative models: BYD’s Qin and Tang.

Lithium titanate battery refers to a lithium-ion battery that uses lithium titanate instead of graphite as the negative electrode material. The positive electrode material can be lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium, etc.
Advantages: long service life, fast charging, strong safety.
Disadvantages: low energy density and high price.
Representative models: some heavy vehicles such as passenger cars and buses
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